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One of the most important tasks of specialists in the field of SEO or PPS is to compile a semantic core, because a competent selection of semantics allows you to achieve several fundamentally important goals at once:

  • Optimize page content for specific user queries (for SEO)
  • Create ads that are as relevant as possible to the queries of the target audience, eliminating ineffective keywords and phrases (for PPS and other types of online advertising)
  • Increase conversion rate - users are often looking for specific products or services they are interested in. Properly selected “keys” can lead a potential buyer directly to the page of the necessary product/service and increase the likelihood of purchase

The functionality of the SEO-checker service makes it easier to collect semantics, which traditionally takes a lot of time.

It offers you a user-friendly interface, an extensive set of necessary tools, maximum ease of use and a lot of other useful “features” that can simplify the work of SEO-specialist, make it more qualitative and productive. Try it and see for yourself!